In the beginning

Our proposal story:

We always love it when we can sleep in on the weekend, make a nice breakfast and relax. This particular Saturday in June happened just like that, with my girlfriend making delicious pancakes, and us having the time to enjoy the sunny morning.

Around 10:30 or 11am, she asked if she could play me a song on the guitar that she’d been working on. I knew she had been taking lessons again, and I was very proud of her for learning the instrument. She was clearly very nervous, but I thought it was because she had never really sung a song for me!

I listened attentively as she timidly started to strum and sing. After the first verse, I politely asked her to sing louder, since I wanted to hear the words. I didn’t recognize the song, but it was clearly all about love. (she’s a die-hard romantic, so I wasn’t surprised)

Half-way through the song it started to dawn on me that this song was speaking about strong commitments, and at the end when she sang out my full name and asked “will you marry me?” I was already crying. I had hoped she would propose at some point (we had been hinting at it for a few months) but she had completely taken me by surprise.

Through my laughter and tears I of course said yes! Being a brat, I made her get on one knee and ask me again. I wanted to experience that little tradition! She had already given me a custom-designed silver “promise” ring last summer, so on this day she gave me a lovely silver necklace. The whole proposal was perfect- so beautiful and personal and a day we will never forget!

We are getting married this August on a big ferry-boat that’s been renovated into a banquet space, that is permanently docked in the waters of the Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver, BC. It will be an enchanted summer evening, with lots of whimsical and DIY touches. Our big, beautiful, Pagan, lesbian wedding!


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