The Dress!!!

For many women “the dress” is a HUGE part of getting married. It’s like every gal’s princess moment. In fact, historically, it has been only in the last 150 years that brides have tried to emulate a royal look at their weddings- all started by Queen Victoria wearing all white. Before that, it was your “Sunday best” in whatever colour you chose. But this ain’t a history lesson. I think I have my dress!!

I took a risky route; not one I necessarily recommend. I spent days, ok I’ll be honest- weeks, perusing online, especially David’s Bridal. I knew I wanted a mermaid silhouette, since I am getting married on a BOAT after all, and that’s the style I was most attracted to. They say it’s for confident women who want to show off their curves and have a little glamour on their day. Sounds about right to me!

Remember, I’m on a seriously restricted budget here. No $1000 and up gowns for me. So David’s Bridal seemed perfect. I tried to wait until I could make the road trip to Seattle, but my life is crazy busy, and then their October online sale came up, with really affordable dresses…. and before I knew it I had ordered two. Yes, not just one, but two. A girl wants to feel like she had SOME choice!

Luckily they both fit and overall they were exactly what I was looking for. Light, comfortable, floor-length (no long train for this dancing girl), and mermaid. I got on Skype with my Mom. I met up with my two Bridesmaids to try them on and get their opinion. And everyone, including me, liked the ruched strapless with the draped bodice and skirt.

I can’t believe the wedding is 9 months away and I already have my dress!! Now I get to stare at it in my closet. Yeah, life’s rough. ūüôā

Please share your stories about how (and when) you found your dream wedding dress!


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