Last night my fiancée and I (hmmm… still getting used to that, I like how it sounds!) had our bridesmaids over to hang, chat a little about the wedding, and watch Bridesmaids!

Before we started the flick, I got to play a little practical joke on my BMs. I had picked out four of the ugliest bridesmaids dresses I could find and saved the pics in a file on my computer. Since I’m a good actor, they completely believed me as I showed them the possible dresses, even pretending to be a little hurt when one of them exclaimed “Absolutely no way am I wearing a dress like that!”

I had them going for a few minutes, until I finally told them I was just kidding. We all had a good laugh, and they were very relieved.

Everyone loved our choice of colour scheme, and very happy with our decision to have them wear black. My girls will wear black dresses and I’ll add colour with shawls and their flower bouquets, and my partner’s “butch-maids” will wear black vests and dress pants, white short-sleeved shirts, coloured ties to match the shawls, and flower boutonnieres. I think it will look really sharp.

Half of them had already seen the movie, but they all wanted to see it again. We had a riot, laughing so hard. I particularly loved the character of Megan, the chubby, straight-shooting future sister-in-law.

We assured our gals that we didn’t want to go to Vegas for our bachelorette, or have puppies given out as favours (even with pink berets), and please, don’t surprise us with Wilson Phillips on our wedding day. LOL!

Even though the movie was a silly comedy, it did get me thinking about friendships. I definitely do not want the planning of my wedding to create any wedges between my friends and I. Similar to the movie plot, some of my ‘maids are single and not in as rosy a place as I am. It’s tough when I want to share my joy and all my plans and ideas, but then I hold back because I don’t want to be insensitive. It just feels rude to show off how happy I am.

As well, I am going to do my best to not demand too much of their time, and to always be grateful for their help and emotional support. I think that done right, this experience can bring you and your bridesmaids closer together, and in my case I hope that we are even better friends after the wedding is over!

Has anyone had any negative experiences with their Bridesmaids? How about really positive ones? What are you doing to ensure your friendship survives the wedding?


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  2. dietcokefiend
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 00:16:08

    found u thru weddingbee. i love your captivating writing. fellow vancouverite here too.


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