Bridal Swap

Today I went to my first Bridal event: Vancouver’s Bridal Swap! It was like a huge wedding-specific flea market, with dozens of new brides trying to sell off their decor, accessories, gowns, etc. There were also a few vendors set up promoting their services.

I had bought advance tickets so my BM friend and I could get in early, and there was quite a line up waiting to get in. I was happy to see it was such a popular event.

We quickly made our way through the aisles, seeing what everyone was selling. Soon I saw a woman selling some paper lanterns, something my fiance and I had already decided we wanted for decor. And she had two of my colours! Here’s me making my first purchase of the morning.

I looked through quite a few of the wedding dresses, and happily I didn’t fall in love with any of them. I’ve been a bit worried that I bought mine too soon, that maybe I would come to regret my decision. They were either too “Cinderella-like”, too embroidered, too expensive, or had too long a train. After today I feel more confident in my dress, yay!

I’ve been undecided about whether to wear a veil. I know I want a medieval-style circlet, and I’m not sure if a veil hanging from the back of my head would “go” with the look or be out of place. Still, I had to check some out. If I was going to buy one, for $30 this would have been the place.

A few other purchases I made were: some white glass decorative rocks, a faux-pearl bouquet sleeve (since I’m making my own), some classy thank you cards, and three 25-foot strings of white lights. I was going to wait until January for the post-holiday sales, but she sold them to me for $2 each!

The last big purchase was a “fistfull” of peacock feathers. I’ve always loved peacock feathers, and the turquoise colour sort of fits with my scheme. I think I will throw a few in with my larger flower arrangements, and try to use them where I can. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with so many, but I couldn’t resist since they were so pretty and so cheap. Lots of people kept staring and smiling at us with all the feathers!

In the end I walked away feeling inspired about my wedding decor, and happy to have spent only $46. I’m staying well within the budget so far. I suppose we are lucky in that we have chosen a venue that features our beautiful surroundings, so I don’t need to decorate too much. Really, I can’t compete with Mother Nature and the stunning views of the Salish Sea inlet and North Shore mountains from the boat’s patio. I think a few touches here and there to add colour and style will be enough. My guests aren’t there to be impressed by the decorations anyway- they are there because they love me and want to celebrate my wedding.

How are you choosing to decorate? What deals have you found, or what are you making yourself?


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  1. DreamGroup Principal Geneve McNally
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 11:14:30

    How lovely to hear such a terrific viewpoint from a Bridal Swap attendee! Very inspiring! All the best with your planning journey. 😉


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