Save That Date

Our save-the-date magnets arrived! We are really pleased with how they turned out. They match our ocean/beach theme, and they will make a nice little addition in our Christmas cards going out to our family across the country.

At first we were undecided as to whether we would do save-the-dates. Wouldn’t email suffice? Or phone calls to our elderly, internet-less guests? The idea of having to design and pay for an extra little card or postcard to send out seemed like an unnecessary “extra”. Since we are trying our best to have a “green” wedding with minimal waste, I wasn’t about to spend money on something that would quickly get tossed.

However, when I discovered that many couples are opting for a save-the-date magnet, that idea really appealed to me. It’s cute, and useful! Our guests can use it to hold up grocery and to-do lists for years to come. And I must say, Vistaprint made it a really affordable option.

I gather from online wedding forums that some people think that magnets are becoming over-done. But I for one have never received a save-the-date magnet, and never seen one on anyone’s fridge. So it might just be where I live, but I’m hoping no one rolls their eyes when they get ours and think “oh great, another magnet!”

Did you/will you do save-the-dates? What method do you think is the most affordable/unique/practical?


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