Wedding planning can be delicious

Today my partner and I attended a tasting hosted by our wedding venue, Celebration on Water.

You might wonder, like I did, why you would have a tasting eight months before an event. However, they set it up like this so a lot of couples can attend at once, and they host two tastings a year. I am very glad we did since it gave us a chance to meet our new venue coordinator, measure some things, size up the space and take more photos, and sample the delicious food!

The adventure started when we arrived at Dock A in the Marina, where the pontoon boat picked us up along with another nice couple we had met while waiting. We didn’t take the boat during our previous visits, so it was fun to experience first hand the transportation that our guests will receive. Really, how cool is that to get to a wedding by pontoon boat?! A harbour seal was sunning itself on one of the docks as we rode up to the Spirit of the Nation ferry- again confirming that we have chosen the coolest venue in the city.

The coordinator Suzanne greeted us as we walked onto the boat, and my first impression was good. Being back on the boat was a thrill for both of us; immediately we started talking about where we wanted things to be set up, how we would decorate this and that, etc. It’s such a great feeling to share the excitement of getting married together.

We were seated in the dining room with the other couples. The sun poured in through the windows as we enjoyed the view of the Salish Sea inlet across to the Vancouver skyline. I took it all in, this perfect moment. Then, to elevate this beautiful afternoon even higher, the food arrived.

To start we tried Peri-peri chicken drumettes, Chevre cheese and asian pear on yam blinis, papaya and Mongolian chicken salad rolls, and a trio of dips with crackers: candied salmon blended with cream cheese, spinach with garlic cream and ricotta cheese, and root vegetable with white bean. The dips were our favourite, and we definitely want to offer them to our guests during the cocktail hour. Next came the entrees.

There was Maple Salmon with a Miso Crust, Pork Tenderloin with a Cranberry Demi Glaze, Chicken breast stuffed with Pancetta, Basil and Ricotta, and Moroccan Quinoa Corn salad. We loved it all, but the quinoa salad and maple Salmon were the winners. We decided they would both be included in our wedding dinner buffet.

As if we could eat anything more, then came dessert. A mandarin orange sponge cake, and a chocolate praline caramel turtle cake.

Overall it was an extremely positive experience. We now feel more comfortable with the new coordinator, we have confirmed that the food is fabulous, and I got to ask all sorts of questions to satisfy my overactive brain. Happily, I was assured that the company’s ethics are in a good place and that our wedding dinner will reflect our values surrounding food. They source all their meat and poultry locally, as well as produce when possible. They only serve Oceanwise seafood, and they are very flexible to offer more vegetarian or vegan options if we so choose. They recycle, and no food gets wasted because staff takes it home.

I still cannot believe how lucky we are to have found such a beautiful, unique, eco-responsible and affordable venue to celebrate our wedding. I am overjoyed at the whole situation: marrying my dream partner and having my dream wedding without creating a lot of waste.

So what are YOU eating at your wedding? Are you in love with your venue?


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