‘Tis the season to spread the love

I spent this past weekend in my home town, attending the memorial service for my paternal Grandfather. It was a lovely service; a nice blend of the United Church and the Royal Canadian Legion honouring my Grandpa’s service to the Legion, the Church, and his community during his long life. Needless to say, it was an emotional weekend, and I was relieved to arrive home where my beloved was waiting for me with a home cooked dinner.

After feeling sadness and grief for the last few days, I was looking forward to concentrating on happier things: our wedding, of course! It’s almost mid-December, and we need to get our Christmas cards out- stat. What makes sending them extra special this year is that we are including our save-the-date magnets inside. I shared a photo of them in an earlier post here.

We spent an hour writing, taping, addressing, and stickering, and only finished 15! That means 35 left to go. So, we’ll be setting aside an hour each evening until we are finished. It was enough to make us reconsider whether we really want to DIY our invitations and programs, haha! If you save money but it takes you two weeks to do it, is that a decent trade-off? That’s for each couple to decide I suppose.

Along with the save-the-dates we are telling our guests about our “wedsite”, which means I needed to finish it soon before people started looking at it! I am the teckkie in this relationship, so that task naturally fell to me and I was happy to take on the job. I am so pleased with the template I found through mywedding.com. Their interface is far superior than some other free wedding websites I played around with, they allow lots of photos, and they are very customizable. Both the Green Bride Guide and Offbeat Bride recommend and liaison with mywedding.com, so I knew it was a good company to go with.

At first it felt a little strange making our love story so public. But that’s what a wedding does, it makes your private love, a public event to celebrate. I am over it now, and I get such a sweet, fuzzy feeling when I read over what my partner wrote about how she met me, or when she knew she wanted to propose. It also feels really great to be able to share all the information about our ceremony, wedding party, and our eco ethics with our guests- without having to email or call them all! We will be asking our guests to RSVP online as well, to eliminate the need for extra response cards and envelopes.

It has been nice that since my fiance is finished classes and has more days off studying for her exams, she has had more mental space to think about the wedding. Finally she’s starting conversations with, “So I’ve had some ideas about our wedding…”

Is anyone else out there sending save-the-dates in Christmas cards? Are you doing a wedding website too?


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