Taking a break from ‘wedding’ over the holidays

As of today I am on holidays. Hooray! Since I am a full-time student also working a part-time job, I have been on a 6-day-a-week, Monday – Saturday schedule for the past four months, so this is a much needed holiday. I will be spending time with family and friends, playing in the snow, and yes, taking a break from wedding planning. I deserve it!

I never knew how much mental energy organizing a wedding would take! I’ve been producing live music events and large-scale parties since 2002, so I thought this was going to be a similar process: confirm the venue, date, talent, design the promo material (invites), spread the word, have a great party. But I’m so much more emotionally invested in my wedding, more than I ever was for any rave I helped throw or band tour I booked. Seems like that fact would have been obvious, but you never know until you live it.

All the wedding checklists I have viewed online and in books tell me I am right on target for where we should be at the 7 month mark. It’s good to feel prepared! Our focus for the next few months will be our fundraiser dance in early March, which is great since I’ll need some kind of outlet for my new “bridentity” of super-planner! Lol!

After Christmas my fiancee and I have made a plan to go ring shopping and try on some formal wear for her. So my next post will likely be a recap of that experience. Until then, wishing everyone a Sacred Solstice, Happy Hannukah, and Merry Christmas!!


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