“Ring”-ing in the new year

Hello! I hope everyone has been celebrating the holidays as much as I have. Despite all the travel and indigestion, I have thoroughly enjoyed the season with family and friends. I took a 10-day break from planning the wedding, and instead got outside for cross-country skiing, ice skating, forest and beach walks, and imbibing far too much food and drink.

However, my fiancee and I did not waste any time when we arrived home, since she had to return to work and school sooner than I do, and planned a day together shopping for attire and jewelry and setting up our gift registry. My next few blogs will show the results of that very productive day!

Since we both are of Celtic ancestry (she Scottish/British, myself Irish/British) and are planning a Celtic wedding ceremony, we wanted to check out a store in North Vancouver called Celtic Creations.

It’s located in the Lonsdale Quay (pronounced ‘key’) market, quite close to our wedding venue. We haven’t had much luck at the few other jewelry stores we’ve gone into- we just don’t like most of the styles out there, and many rings are simply out of our modest price range. Online shopping wasn’t much better, and I was nervous to make such an important purchase like that without ever trying it on. I am supposed to wear this thing every day, afterall!

To my delight, I was attracted to most of the rings I saw in the display case at Celtic Creations; they were so unique and beautiful! Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, many of them were again too expensive for us. (Two broke university students living on loans and part-time jobs decide to tie the knot- not necessarily the best idea. LOL!)

When my partner and I first talked about it, we briefly discussed the option of having matching rings. However, it soon became apparent that we wanted different things. We have a lot in common, but not when it comes to our personal styles.

My fiancee was trying on the more “gentlemanly” wedding bands and when she tried this one on, I felt a rush. It was a mix of excitement and overflowing love- like my heart was telling me “You are marrying this woman, and this is the ring that she will wear!” Luckily, she felt it too.

I kept on looking at the more feminine, engagement-style rings, but the bling was too much, and unless I subbed Cubic Zirconia for the diamond, we couldn’t afford many of them. My eyes kept gravitating to the one she had on, so I asked to try it too. It looked so beautiful on me, and I realized that it would be really special if we wore matching rings. I thought we wouldn’t find a style we both liked, but I was wrong!

This is the ring we’ve chosen (although this one is not in my size). We couldn’t be happier- it’s beautiful, Celtic, and best of all, the total price will come UNDER our ring budget! Hooray! We won’t buy them until the spring or early summer, and of course we aren’t going to wear them until wedding day. Patience, patience. Arrgh!

It feels great to have made this decision already, and to have found the perfect rings. What’s your ring story?


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