Gunning for gifts at B3

Starting up our gift registry was WAY more fun than I anticipated. We weren’t even sure at first if we wanted to do one, since we are hoping for more cash gifts, but since many people like to give actual physical gifts and we certainly could use more household items, we went with Bed Bath and Beyond. I know, real original.

When we arrived, we were directed to the Bridal Registry desk in the back of the store. It was very traditional, the walls lined with China patterns and heart frames of happy couples. It was all very… bridal. All very… straight. But that’s okay, and my fiancee and I didn’t experience any weirdness from the staff. Sam, the friendly registry employee who set us up, quickly got us ready to start scanning our potential gifts.

Here I am, pulling a Charlie’s Angels move with the scan gun.

We quickly realized how easily it would be to get carried away. Look at that high-end cookware! Oh, I’ve always wanted a slow cooker! And we really should add some towels, they are so practical (and these plush ones are so pretty!).

In the end I think we acted in a mature, restrained manner while still allowing ourselves to dream a little (I really have wanted a slow cooker for years, not to mention a complete wicker picnic basket with service for four). I finessed our list online the following day, and if we even get a quarter of the items from our registry gifted to us, we will be stoked (pardon my West Coast snowboarder lingo ;))

I love the growing trend of the honeymoon registry, it sounds like so much fun. Since we are planning a local weekend getaway it did not make sense for us, but in an alternate universe we’d be jet-setting to the Mediterranean. I hear of other couple who ask their guests to make donations to a charity they choose, in lieu of gifts, and others still that go with a theme- for example, asking for Christmas tree ornaments or bottles of wine to start a collection.

It is refreshing that now in the 21st century we are less bound by the rigid rules of wedding registries being solely for household items at the same, predictable department stores. The irony is not lost on me however, that this is one area where we stuck with tradition! Oh well, this will the first lesbian wedding for most of our guests (heck, it’s my first too!) so maybe getting us a kitchen gadget will make it feel more normal.

For brides-to-be, have you registered, and if yes, where? If your wedding has already happened, what was the most generous, or surprising gift you received?


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