Our first DIY wedding project

As any modern, crafty, budget bride knows, DIY is the way to go for many elements of your wedding. It can save you money, brings a personal touch that no store-bought or rented items can, and be a fun activity to do with your fiance/bridesmaids/Mother/sewing club/etc.

I should start by saying I am not particularly crafty. My talents have always leaned to the performing side of the arts spectrum. Whereas my Mother and brother are fantastic visual artists, I cannot draw at all. Don’t get me wrong, I have taken on the occasional art or costume project in my day, for Burning Man or Hallowe’en, and I used to make those embroidery thread friendship bracelets, but overall crafts are not my forte.

Necessity is the Mother of all invention however, and we knew early on that to stay on or under our modest budget, we would have to go the DIY route. So far, we plan on doing the following ourselves:
– invitations
– wedding programs
– bridal bouquet
– flower crowns for flower girls
– aisle, altar, and reception decor (if we’re not making it, we’re setting it all up)
– card box
– guest book pages (scrapbook style)
– welcome bags (in hotel rooms for our out-of-town guests)
– cupcake stand (decorating it- and maybe baking our own cupcakes too)

Other items that will be sewn or handmade by our Mothers and friends include:
– vests for the Butch-maids
– my flowy, detached sleeves
– my garters
– my wedding jewelry
– the flower girl baskets
– the frosting on the cupcakes

Let me tell ya, it’s a lifesaver having the support of our nearest and dearest to help us bring it all together. So much work goes into organizing a few hours! 10 months of my life, planning for 5 hours of a single summer evening. I’ve planned overseas trips that lasted more than a month in less time. Kinda crazy.

Last week we started our first DIY project: decorating the frames that will used as a welcome sign in our entrance. Afterwards, we will put photos from the wedding inside and gift them. That’s my requirement for everything we buy/make/use- it must have a life and serve a purpose post-wedding.

First we had to paint them. We covered our small kitchen table with newsprint and got to work. Turns out they needed two coats, so it took us a few evenings to finish them all.

Soon we had painted all of them, in our three main colours: Mulberry Purple, Persimmon Orange, and Turquoise Blue.

Then came the fun part- decorating them with shells and starfish! We got out the glue guns and tried not to burn our fingers. I’m still searching for some small white scallop shells and glitter sand, but here’s what we have so far.

I bought a UV-resistant, clear matte spray-on varnish to finish them when we are done. The more things I can do in advance the better, I am definitely not a last-minute kind of gal. Besides, I am hoping to get work when I am finished school in April, and so May – July could be really busy for me. Get organized early on, and don’t stress out- that’s my motto in all of this (easier said than done sometimes!).

What parts of your wedding are/did you DIY? Tell me what was your favourite project as well as your nightmare stories!


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