Beach wedding colours

So I’ve been seeing that my blog gets a lot of hits from people looking for beach wedding colour schemes, so I thought I’d elaborate on the subject. Not that I am an expert, by any means!

When you are getting married by the sea, blue seems an obvious choice. Alas, there are many variations on the hue of blue, so it can be hard to colour-coordinate. Marine blue? Teal or turquoise? Pool blue, aka Tiffany blue?

Early on, I came across a fabulous blog dedicated to wedding colours called The Perfect Palette. There, I found an inspiration board that, well, inspired me! I showed it to my fiancée, who loved the colours too! I thought the decision was made and I’d never had to re-consider the matter again. However, I was wrong. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

The colour combo that initially excited me so much was aqua blue, orange and ivory. It was, in my mind, a “perfect palette” for a beach wedding, giving a bright, fun, summery feel- like we could pretend we were somewhere tropical. She suitably named this palette, ‘Island Wedding’.

I loved these colours so much, I thought my bridesmaids would too! I thought they would feel the same inner joy that I did, looking upon that Caribbean blue paired with mango orange. My bubble burst when my one BM curtly told me that she doesn’t wear blue. !?! She loved the orange dresses, however I was envisioning the orange only in the flowers and some decor. You know, as an accent colour. (sigh)

I didn’t know what to do, so I eventually evolved my colour scheme. I found another close relative, a cute alliterative couple in teal and tangerine.

Do you see the problem? Teal, turquoise, aqua blue… are all pretty much the same colour. So unless I went all the way to jade, I was still left with a bridesmaid who did not want to wear my chosen colour. What to do? It was, somewhat literally, back to the drawing board.

My fiancée loves purple. Plain and simple. Anything violet, plum, berry, merlot, she loves it. So it made sense that purple made its way into our discussion. Orange was being persistent, so one day we had a long talk and decided to scrap the aqua blue/teal dilemma altogether and go with purple and orange- like a Florida sunset. And we were still able to have fun with alliteration, as I now accepted that our wedding colours were persimmon and plum. (somehow, it makes it more wedding appropriate with cutesy colour names, doncha think? :))

Soon after, however, I got worried that it was more of an autumn wedding colour scheme, and didn’t really go with my original beachy theme. So, I tried to bargain teal’s way back in, maybe in the organza table overlays, perhaps? Or in other decor elements? The wedding party can be in persimmon (dark orange) and plum (purple) but turquoise could highlight the venue?

At this point I am considering purple, orange, teal, gold and ivory. How many colours are too many? What if my BMs don’t wear the same colour? What colour should we choose for the butch-maid vests, and what colour pants?? So many questions, and so many little details to stress over- if you let yourself. Picking a wedding colour scheme can easily become overwhelming.

Eventually, both my fiancee and I had to take a step back and realize that we were going to a lot of trouble because ONE person didn’t want to wear a teal dress. Why was it such a big deal to us anyway? Isn’t it more important that our friends are happy to support us in this role, considering the money and time they will generously spend to be a part of our wedding? As I’ve written about before, I want to keep my friendships intact post-wedding.

I realized that I truly wanted my ‘maids to love the dress enough to wear it again. So recently I asked them to make a choice out of three colours: persimmon, plum, or teal. One chose persimmon (no surprise there!) and the other chose plum. Decision made. My partner’s butch-maids will wear plum- pattern vests with orange flower bouts, and tan pants. And I still may get those aqua blue organza overlays…

There’s no moral to this story, it’s just my story. My adventure in wedding colours! But since you’ve read this far, I’ll reward you with a few more lovely beach wedding colour schemes; inspiration boards again courtesy of The Perfect Palette.

For those who want to keep it simple, and inspired by the Ocean and Sand: (or Turquoise and Taupe 😉

If you wanna add some warm tones to the palette, try Coral, Aqua and Berry:

For those who want to go all-out with the Nautical theme, Navy and White:

For brides who like BOLD colours, Teal and Fuschia:

If you wanna see more pretty colours, I’ve started a Pinterest board of my favourite combinations.

Have you picked your wedding colour scheme yet? Was it easy, and you never thought about it again? Or did you change your minds a few times?


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