Taken care of

This past weekend I went away on a weekend tour. I perform professionally, playing piano and singing Jazz as well as my own Soul/Pop songs. I live in Vancouver, BC, and I was traveling to Vancouver Island, playing three shows Thursday – Sunday. (side note: my gigs went really well and I had a great time)

A little backstory: in September 2008, my fiancée and I had been seeing each other for all of one week before I embarked on my first tour. I was promoting my new CD release, and covering 12 cities in three provinces over two and a half weeks. Much to my surprise, she couriered a care package to my Calgary, AB, venue- with snacks, a love note, and some cute boxers to sleep in. No one had ever done something like that for me; it was such a sweet and romantic gesture.

Ever since then, she has always prepared a care package for me when I’m going away on tour without her. Somehow, this has not become something I take for granted, or something I expect. So while I wasn’t exactly surprised when I saw this on the table waiting for me when I got up last Thursday morning, I was still blown away by its grandness. It was a care package on an epic scale:

My favourite rice chips,
Sesame roasted seaweed snacks,
Clementine oranges,
Homemade granola bars and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies,
Orange mango juice boxes
Ginger candies and bags of Licorice tea (for my throat)
Three fruit and nut bars,
and yes, a love note in a cute teddy bear card.

Seriously! I know I am the luckiest (spoiled, maybe?) girl in the world.

So, even though I prefer it when she can actually come with me on tour, these care packages kind of make up for it. Although no granola bar will sell my CDs for me. 😉

What kind of romantic gestures does your lover do on a regular basis? Or what do YOU do for them?


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  1. Kristy
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 06:24:25

    Taking care of each other is so important, especially when there’s distance between you. When you find the one, you just know! 😉


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