More wedding DIY: Making flower crowns

I was very excited to start my second wedding DIY project- making flower crowns for my flower girls! Or in my case, flower faeries since they’ll be wearing cute little wings!

I knew early on that I wanted them to wear flower crowns (a tradition that dates back to ancient Grecian times, as it turns out!) and I also knew that I wanted to make them. They are fairly easy to make, and are not very time consuming. I’m very pleased with how they turned out, and happy to share how I made them. So without further adieu, here is my

Flower Crown Tutorial to make your Flower Girls Even Cuter

I purchased my supplies from Michael’s craft store. I was lucky in that they were having a 20% off sale that day, so my total for the two crowns was $25. I bought an ivy garland for the base, four peony flower picks, green waterproof floral tape, craft butterflies, and two spools of ribbon (not shown).

Using the wire cutter on a pair of pliers, I cut off the blooms from two of the peony picks. (I’m so glad I didn’t cut all four up- and I’ll tell you why a bit later on.)

I found that I also needed the pliers to bend some of the stems, so they could align better with the garland and be easier to tape on.

Here is the ivy garland, unraveled. I used this for the base of the crowns. I cut it in half, since it was 6 feet long. I folded it back on itself to make a ‘U’ shape. Having an open back is easier to wear, since it adjusts to head size and hairstyles. I fastened it in place with a few pieces of the floral tape, you don’t need much because you’ll be using lots of tape to fasten the flowers to it.

Here I’ve laid out all the supplies, ready to start attaching the blooms to the garland. I played with the flowers a bit, arranging them and re-arranging them to see where I wanted to place them. I started at one end and worked my way around, using the tape to fasten the blooms to the garland.

Before I knew it, I was done! I was so excited I showed my fiancée, who at first appeared to be as enthused as I was. Soon after however, she expressed some concern that the flowers were too… big. Defensive, I disagreed, I thought it looked fine. After examining it for another minute however, and looking at myself in the mirror, I had to agree. I mean, if it looked big on me, how was it going to look on a six year old?

This is why I was happy that I hadn’t cut up the other two floral picks! I went back to Michael’s the very next day and returned those two for smaller white roses and pink rose buds. And they were even cheaper than the peony bunches so I got money back!

Here are my new supplies, ready to try again. I was much happier with the flowers and their colours!

Here’s a close up of the tape used to attach the flowers to the garland. Use as much as you need. Best thing is, you can easily unwrap it, re-arrange the blooms as needed, and re-use the tape. And don’t worry how it looks because…

…once you cover it with the ribbon wrapping it looks great! I love the shimmery green ribbon I found- on sale in the dollar bin!

Et voila! Flower crown version 2.0 a success! I love how they look and I must say I am very proud of my handiwork.

See the butterfly? So cute! I know that our flower fairies will look adorable, and hopefully these flower crowns are something they keep and love for years to come.

Let me know if this inspires you to make your own flower crowns!


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