Beach Wedding Decor

I’ve blogged about wedding dresses, bridesmaids, colour schemes and themes…. but I haven’t really talked much about decor. This is definitely one area I under-budgeted for initially. The best tricks are to buy used items from thrift stores and from Craigslist; to DIY with paper, felt, streamers, fabric, etc; and to keep it simple. Easier said than done, because it’s fun to let your imagination run wild!

Since beach weddings are uber popular, and also because my own decor theme is ocean-inspired, this blog is dedicated to decorating ideas for seaside weddings. In most cases, if you click on the image it will link to the vendor. Please note: I am not in any way associated with these sellers.

Ocean-inspired wedding decor:Seashells and starfish. There are so many ways to use them! They are easy to scatter around tables, display in vases or bowls, and instantly create the seaside mood.

Michael’s craft store carries a starfish garland, or you can make your own.

These are the seashell-decorated frames that my partner and I made.

Beachy centerpieces: Fill fishbowl vases half with sand, add a few shells, stick in a pillar candle, place on a square mirror et voila!

I love these! The pink orchids are so tropical, and match the pink in the shells. LED tealights were used to make the centerpiece glow.

Beach wedding favours:These lighthouse tealight holders are cute, aren’t they? Could be used in decor and double as a favour.

These sailboat tealight holders are nice.

I like these as well- sand and seashells.

Or, starfish wine bottle stoppers make a practical (and pretty!) gift.

Don’t forget your bridal accessories:A lovely rhinestone clam shell necklace.

Sugar starfish hair pins for a natural look…

… or white pearl starfish for more glamour.

Aisle decor:Starfish attached with seashells to green sea grass.

Tropical flowers and petals are colourful and biodegradable.

Illuminaires are a great choice for a beach wedding at night since they are visually stunning, practical (they provide light and direction), and easy to DIY too!

It’s no wonder why beach and destination weddings are hugely popular. Even if you aren’t getting married on an actual beach (like me- I’ll be on a boat), it can be fun to incorporate starfish and seashells into your decor theme; although I must say I think it makes the most sense if you are close to water at least. Of course, brides will be brides, so who’s to stop a prairie wedding from having a beach theme? Lol!

Are you have a beach wedding, or an ocean-inspired theme?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Modmissy
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 05:46:50

    Neither. Been married many years. But destination/beach/boat weddings are so romantic. Enjoy!


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