Making paper heart strings

In my last post I talked about the pulling-out-hair moments that can accompany your DIY attempts. What’s that famous quote? “The best laid plans of DIY brides often go astray.” So true. Fortunately, they are not all grief and despair. Some craft projects are easy, pain-free, and so affordable that you just love making them. This was my experience making heart strings!

I first came upon the inspiration on Pinterest (imagine that!), and pinned it to my wedding DIY board:

I had to figure out how to make them by studying the photo, since there was no tutorial. They seemed to be constructed from four, identical paper hearts, glued together with a string down the middle. So, I went to Michael’s to get pretty paper. I lucked out and got a big book of 180 sheets of craft paper at 50% off, with lots of patterns and colours.

First we had to make a stencil. I downloaded a simple heart shape from the interweb (after my sweetie’s attempt at “free hand” didn’t work out so… symmetrically), uploaded it to a word doc, and made two different sizes. We also made a star stencil, since we plan to make star strings as well. My partner drew them onto the card stock, and cut out the shapes with an exacto knife. Then we traced as many hearts as we could fit onto the craft paper.

these are all the supplies you need

You need four to make a heart, and I chose to use two different colours that had the same background pattern. To assemble them easily, you will need to fold them in half.

make sure you fold them the correct direction

Then, take the glue stick and attach three of the hearts together, aligning as best you can with the center fold. The 3-D heart quickly takes shape.

ta da!

Have your twine/string ready, and put a line of white glue down the “spine” of the heart, on the open side.

mmm… glue…

Place the twine into the glue, where you want the heart to be on the string. I used my finger to push the twine into the glue, to make sure it adhered nicely.

gotta get a little sticky

Glue the last heart on, and make sure it’s all stuck together.

Trim the edges to your satisfaction. You can adjust the length, decide how many hearts per string, have various sizes or all the same- it’s up to you. 🙂

For a few days in a row I worked on this craft. I even started watching really bad wedding shows on Netflix as I traced, cut and glued the hearts. After three episodes of Bridezillas, I’d had enough. Of the show, that is- I love making these!

purdy heart strings!

We finished them off by tying two wooden beads at the bottom. In total I made 6 strings, and intend to make more. They are a cheap, easy, and pretty DIY craft for wedding decor, and I will definitely use them to decorate my home after the wedding, or if they are damaged they are easy to recycle. Bonus! Please let me know if you give these a try too!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. alisonjdodd
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 12:09:38

    These are so cute! And I only made it a few episodes into Bridezillas (on Netflix, at that) too…


  3. marriedbytheocean
    May 21, 2012 @ 03:17:19

    I love that you were brave enough to make your own tutorial for a project you saw. Looks fantastic!


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