The Final Countdown – 4 weeks to go!

I must admit, I’m slightly stunned as I type the words four weeks to go. We’ve been engaged for just over a year now, and I cannot believe that the wedding, MY wedding, our wedding, is in one month!

Since my Ultimate 2-Month Wedding Checklist was such a hit, I have decided to follow up with another: How to get everything done in the last month before your wedding without losing your sanity or your grip on the budget. Or, The Final Countdown, for short.

(please note: I am not an expert on this matter, nor a professional wedding planner. I have however, been involved in throwing large-scale live events and festivals before, and I value authenticity and affordability over “perfection”- which is hugely subjective. Just sayin’.)

First order of business is to (ahem) finish everything that you haven’t got to on your two-month checklist.

Confession time: I still haven’t made our cocktail reception iPod playlist, compiled a list of responsibilities for our key players and wedding party, finalized the timeline and itinerary, or sent our rehearsal dinner invites. So, all those tasks are being pushed to the front-line now, since every day (tick-tock tick-tock) time is running out.

Similar to the Ultimate 2-Month Wedding Checklist, continue to use the optional add-on of “or get some else to do it” as necessary.

Gotta look good

  • Your dress might be ready to go, or you may have a final fitting. If you do, leave yourself enough time (2-3 weeks) before the big day just in case further alterations are needed.
  • Go to your hair and make up trials, if you have them. Or, DIY to figure out your “bridal look”.
  • Lots of brides whiten their teeth. Well, there’s all that white to compete with! Two weeks is sufficient time for the at-home process, or if you are going all out, visit the dentist.
  • Start breaking in your wedding shoes if they are new, wearing them inside the house. Your feet will thank you.

Ceremonial Matters

  • If you haven’t bought your marriage license yet or met with your officiate to finalize the ceremony, now’s the time. (This applies less to church weddings that provide the license and have a standard ceremony)
  • Talk to your signing witnesses and let them know what they need to do and when.
  • If you aren’t going to do a “dry run” of the procession with your bridal party, communicate the basic outline of the ceremony, the processional order and who they might be paired with, etc., so everyone has a good idea of how it’s supposed to go.
  • Talk to your parents about whether you will be doing a receiving line after the ceremony, what that will look like, and where that will happen.
  • Who is cueing your pre-ceremony and processional music? What format do they want it in (CD, mp3)? Or if you are having live musicians, touch base with the band leader a few weeks out to go over the details.

Getting organized

  • Usually you have to confirm your numbers with your venue and caterer 3-4 weeks out. Make sure they are clear on your expectations, and you are clear on theirs.
  • If you are having one, make plans and invite people to the rehearsal dinner.
  • Communicate with your photographer about the timeline for the day, when formal portraits will be taken, if any, and give them a list of “must have” photos if you so desire (I am!)
  • Speak with your wedding party and key players and confirm their day-of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Since you’ve already double-checked and confirmed your honeymoon plans (right?), you should now make a packing list. If you are leaving within a few days of the wedding, you’ll definitely want to pack beforehand.
  • Confirm with your venue when you can come in to decorate, when they want your guests to leave, all your stuff gone, etc.
  • If you haven’t already, make sure you have gifts for everyone you want to have gifts for: your fiancé(e), wedding party, parents, out-of-town guests (welcome bags), guests (wedding favours), maybe your officiate too.
  • Who’s looking after your place/plants/pets while you’re gone?
  • Know when your day-of deliveries are happening, confirm the addresses with them, as well as who is greeting them at your venue(s).
  • Make sure you’ll have a couple of emergency kits handy on the big day, one with each bridal party. This is a great task to ask your Maid of Honour, Mom, or fiancé(e) to do.
  • A couple of days before the wedding, prepare your tip envelopes and designate who will be in charge of them.
  • Confirm the day-of transportation for everyone in the wedding party.

Money Matters

  • Cheerfully make all your final payments on time (difficult, I know).
  • Don’t overspend at the last minute. It’s like impulse buying at the checkout. You don’t really need those extras.

The Tiny Print

  • Read your vendor contracts. Yes, I know it’s boring.
  • Know when your final payments are due, and how you’ll pay for them.
  • Inform your credit card company if you’ll be traveling for your honeymoon. No fun to have your card frozen when you’re in a foreign country.

As cliché as it sounds, the best advice for any bride who is four weeks away from her wedding (like I am as I write this) is BREATHE. That, and do the best time management and multi-tasking of your life. You/We/I will get through this! And no matter what happens (well… almost) our weddings will be beautiful, full of joy and love.

If you’re reading this, that means you are likely days away from your wedding– congratulations! I wish you the best. Let me know if this checklist helps… 🙂


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