Starting a family

Hello! I know I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that! I’ve been kinda busy… being pregnant.
baby bump
Yes, it’s true. I’m knocked up, preggers, in the family way, got a bun in the oven. Whatever euphemism you prefer, come September, my wife and I will have a baby!!

It’s amazing to have planned this for so long and have it come true so quickly (we conceived our first month trying!). Our families are thrilled. I had nausea in the beginning, but I’ve been feeling really good for the last few months.

Being the practical gal that I am, we timed it so it wouldn’t conflict with my summer work. We are saving as much money as we can to be able to pay for prenatal classes, buy baby things, and have funds to live on before my benefits kick in- which aren’t very much anyway. Things will be tight over the Fall and Winter, but ultimately we know that we’ll be ok and we are too excited to worry too much at this point!

We have the advantage of having planned to get pregnant, so we’ve had lots of time to have all the big discussions and really decide whether or not we wanted to start a family. At 35, I feel like the timing is perfect for me. I’m ready!

We told our parents in a really cute way, by making cards.
grandparents_cardsFor once, my Mom was speechless. Lol!

After we were past the first trimester, when it’s considered “safe” to tell more people, we sent out a mass email to our extended family and friends.
thrilledtoannouncegrowingbytwofeetwelcometotheworldWe got a great response from everyone- it’s so wonderful to feel all the love and support!

So in case you’re worried wondering if this will turn into just another “Mommy blog”… well, don’t fear! While Motherhood will obviously become my main focus, I still want to discuss other things and have an outlet for my varied passions. I’ve got a few months left to enjoy being child-less, and I’ll figure something out. Being the practical diva that I am, I always do.



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  1. claritysoftcrm
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 13:29:35

    I just stumbled across (as we do most things wonderful) your blog. I wanted to wish you and your wife much joy and happiness in the birth of your baby and your life ahead. I am the mother of a young woman (she too has a wife) and the grandmother of their beautiful daughter Harlow who was born last September. May your growing family bring as much love and happiness to those who love you as mine has to me! The best of luck….


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