A Letter to my Newborn Son

Dear Son,
You turned one month old the other day. 30 days have never passed so quickly. How radically my life has changed in such a short time. I will never be the same.

I had nine months to ponder the transition into Motherhood. Actually, I spent a good two years before deciding whether and how I wanted to do this. I felt honoured to have the ability to consciously conceive you, and further blessed that you came to us so easily. We opened our hearts and you swept in, like a shooting star from the heavens.

And now you are here with us, earth-side. Our angel, our son-shine, our marvelous mystery. I loved you at first sight, when the midwife brought you to my face, so close I could smell your sweet breath as you cried. But it took two weeks for me to fall IN love with you. It happened in a split second: one moment tired and unsure, the next still tired, but heart broken open as I embraced you completely. My son!

Your Grandma gave me some good advice today. She reminded me that in a few years these sleepless nights and all the tears and diapers will be a distant memory that won’t matter anymore. But what will matter and the memories that will remain are the snuggles and giggles, the proud milestones, and watching you grow into yourself.

I will provide the best nourishment and guidance for you that I can. We will have a lot of fun together, I know. I ponder what kind of man you’ll be, what direction your life will take, how you will touch other people’s lives. Know this: your Moms will love you forever and always. xoxo

belle ancell photography

belle ancell photography


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