5 Great Apps for New Parents

Oh, my iPhone. How I love thee. I loved you before I was a Mom, with your multi-functionality that made my commute and my communications easier and more enjoyable.

Now that I’m a Mom I love you even more, with your ability to entertain me when I’ve been trapped in the nursing chair, and the ease with which I can now snap and share photos of my baby with the WORLD (because, really, the entire world cares about my baby photos).

Disclaimer: I did not “test-tap” hundreds of apps to find the BEST. I’m just sharing a few of MY favourites. (titles are hyperlinked for easy app store finding. You’re welcome.)

1. Instagram & Instacollage
Instagram is kinda like Facebook but just photos. Which I really like. Instacollage takes a bunch of your photos and turns them into a cool mash-up. Win! And companies like Sticky9 will turn your best Instagram photos into magnets! Win-win! (If you do go with Sticky9, be a doll and use my friend referral code FRIENDQZ0H, would ya? Flutter flutter)

2. Photo 365
I WISH I’d had this app from the day my baby was born. It’s super cool to upload a photo (or more) every day to remember the main event and to simply see how much they change. I used the free version first to try it out but then opted to buy it since I thought it was so awesome and was using it daily.

3. Sprout
I was kind of addicted to this app for a little while. It’s a comprehensive baby tracker for pretty much everything: sleep, feeds, pumping, diaper changes, growth, milestones, even tummy time. For a solid month I tracked my baby’s sleeping and eating habits; I thought I might “crack the code” if I could properly interpret the patterns. Ha! If anything it just confirmed for me what HIS normal average is, which is very different than what the EXPERTS say is average for a baby his age. I took a few days off, but now I’m still tracking his sleep. I also love the milestones section where you can upload a photo with the “event”. Again, I tried the free trial version first to check it out and then bought it because it is so useful.

4. Scrabble
At any given time I usually have between 3 and 6 games going. The mental stimulation is good. You can’t cheat. I know lots of two-letter words now that I don’t know the definition of. I’m into words so I like this game more than say, Candy Crush. But to each their own. The free version crashes a lot, so the paid game is worth it.

5. Wonder Weeks
Based on the book by Dutch doctors Frans Plooj & Dr Hetty van de Rijt, the term ‘wonder weeks’ describes the mental developmental leaps babies experience in their first 20 months of life. These leaps lead to exciting new skills for babies but can be miserable for parents. This app doesn’t really tell you what to do about it, but my wife and I have found it helpful to have the insight so we are more compassionate to what our baby is going through.

So there you have it.

And I do all this out of my baby’s sight since I don’t want him to adopt the gestures of our technological age too soon! Yes, we are THOSE Moms who intend to limit our little one’s screen time to next to zero until he is 2 years old at least. He sees me using it as a camera (and already knows to flash his million dollar smile!), phone and when we Skype with our long distance relatives, but I hide it from his sight when I’m texting or surfing the internet. It’s tricky, but I do it. Because it’s MY toy, not his. 😉

I’d love to know what YOUR favourite “parent” apps are, please share!

(and let’s connect on Instagram!)


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